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Nami-Ne is Appointed as a member of the 'Social Security National Council'


Nami-ne, at the request of Prime Minister Fukuda on January 25th, 2008, has newly become a member of the Social Security National Council.

As you may have heard through the press, Prime Minister Fukuda has expressed the need to set up a 'Social Security National Council', where members from various backgrounds discuss the ideal situation of social security, the role of government administration and the structure of the public's burden in order for the public to be able to grasp the practical image of social security.

"In accordance with the acceleration of demographic aging, we are facing sustainability issues of our social security system reguarding people' s living such as health care, pension, nursing care, and welfare. We need to ensure that the benefits and services of our social security are being provided to the full extent through the beneficiary's standpoints. With co-existence and mutual support in mind we must change our view in the rebuilding of our social security system if we are to provide a safe future for our own livelihood." stated Prime Minister Fukuda in his administrative policy speech in the 169th Diet on January 18th. Thus, he proposes 'the re-establishment of the social security system' as one of the key challenges in our government.

Now that we are faced with a falling birthrate in society, I believe it is critical that we examine the workings of our social security system from the beneficiary' s perspective. We need to review the existence of social security pertaining to pension, nursing care, healthcare, and welfare, and consider what can be done to build a sustainable system for the future. I, Nami-ne do not think it is an exaggeration to say that the structure of a social security system greatly reflects the character of a country. The slogan of Prop Station, 'Letting the Challenged become Taxpayers', is a tribute to those disabled in Japan who wish to work.

I will proactively speak out at the council on this point of view. The initial meeting was held at the office of Prime Minister on January 29th.



The members of 'Social Security National Council' (the order of the Japanese syllabary)

Wataru Omori (Chairperson of NPO Community-Care Policy Network, Professor Emeritus at University of Tokyo)

Hiroshi Okuda (Senior Advisor to the Board of TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION)

Yoshihiko Oda (Chairperson of Junior Chamber International Japan)

Yoshihito Karasawa (Chairperson of Japan Medical Association)

Toshiko Kanda (Director Gineral of Shodanren Consumers Japan)

Yoshikazu Kenjo (Professor at Faculty of Business and Commerce, Keio University)

Seijuro Shiokawa (President of Toyo University)

Atsushi Seike (Professor at Faculty of Business and Commerce, Keio University)

Tsuyoshi Takagi (Chairperson of Japanese Trade Union Confederation)

Nami Takenaka (Chairperson of Prop Station)

Kiyoshi Nakata (Vice Chairman of Japanese Council of Senior Citizens Welfare Service)

Keiko Higuchi (Chairperson of Women’s Association for the Better Aging Society)

Masago Minami (Senior Editor of Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Head Office)

Keiji Yamada (Governor of Kyoto Prefecture)

Hiroshi Yoshikawa (Professor at Graduate School of Economics, University of Tokyo)

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