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May, 1991:
Prop Station is established with the aim of encouraging self-reliance among the challenged.

April, 1992:
A nation-wide questionnaire is conducted, targeting those with serious disabilities, about their ideas on work. Computer seminars are initiated on the theme of “Work for the Challenged”; according to the questionnaire conducted in April, 80% of respondents clarified that they wanted to work and regarded computers as a useful tool for working.

July, 1994:
Prop Station becomes the first Japanese welfare organization to obtain an Internet domain.

January 17, 1995
Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake devastates Kobe. The significance and potential benefits of a computer network are realized.

Spring 1995:
Prop net becomes connected to the Internet.

August, 1995:
The 1st Challenged Japan Forum takes place in Tokyo.

November, 1996:
The 2nd Challenged Japan Forum takes place in Osaka.

January, 1997:
The Prop Station Kobe Project begins.

July, 1997:
The 3rd Challenged Japan Forum takes place in Tokyo.

October, 1997:
Online seminar throughout Japan begins.

August, 1998:
The 4th Challenged Japan Forum International Meeting takes place in Kobe.

September, 1998:
Prop Station is granted recognition by the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare as a social welfare corporation of the second class.

April, 1999:
A symposium is held commemorating Prop Station's attainment of status as a social welfare corporation.

August, 1999:
The 5th Challenged Japan Forum is held in Sendai, Miyagi.

October, 1999:
Nami Takenaka receives "Avon Woman of the Year" and "Education Award".

January, 2000-March, 2002:
Information education training begins at all special schools in Osaka.

May, 2000:
Prop Station releases its first CD-ROM titled "E-letter of my own."

August, 2000:
The 6th Challenged Japan Forum 2000 USA-Japan Symposium is held in Tokyo.

April. 2001:
Prop Station starts online coordination of "Telework for the Challenged."

November, 2001:
The 7th Challenged Japan Forum 2001 International Symposium is held in Mie.

February, 2002:
Project Team for Promoting a Universal Society where the Challenged can Become Taxpayers in Japan begins.
(Nami Takenaka serves as a full-time Advisor.)

May, 2002:
The 2002 "Let's make Kobe City a Universal Society" is hosted by Prop Station and Kobe City.

August, 2002:
The 8th Challenged Japan Forum 2002 is held in Morioka, Iwate.

October, 2002:
Nami Takenaka receives the "Internal Affairs Award" by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications.

August, 2003:
The 9th Challenged Japan Forum 2003 International Symposium is held in Chiba.

September, 2004:
Ac+C'04 kick off symposium is held at U-PORT, Post-Office Insurance Hall in Tokyo.

August, 2005:
The 10th Challenged Japan Forum 2005 International Symposium is held in Kobe.

July, 2006:
The 11th Challenged Japan Forum 2006 International Symposium is held in Tokyo.

August, 2006:
The Challenged Work Assistance ICT Seminar in Kyoto begins.

October, 2006:
Ac+C'04 Accessibility Award Ceremony 2006 is held at Tokyo International Forum.

February, 2007:
"Remote IT Seminar" is conducted from the homes of challenged instructors to ministry officials in seminar rooms at the Health, Labour, and Welfare Ministry via the Internet.

March, 2008:
The symposium for realizing a Universal Society is held in Tokyo hosted by Prop Station.

June, 2008:
Kobe Sweets Consortium kicks off.

October, 2008:
Lena Maria's Concert -Love and Courage- is hosted by Prop Station.
The Challenged Work Assistance ICT Seminar in Tokyo begins.

March, 2009:
Nami Takenaka receives the” Woman of Courage Award, Japan” by the United States Embassy in Japan.

April, 2009:
Nami Takenaka forms a band and begins to take an active part as a vocalist.

June, 2010:
Nami Takenaka serves as a committee member of NHK Management Committee.

April, 2012:
Nami Takenaka becomes a guest professor at Kansai University.

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