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Making Japan a society where the challenged can become taxpayers!

The phrase “the challenged” is derived from an American phrase meant to describe people with disabilities, without restricting the expression to its purely negative connotations. Those with disabilities are thus held to have been set a challenge by God to overcome certain difficulties and, in doing so, have the opportunity to realize their own strengths and abilities to overcome and even utilize to a positive degree what would normally be regarded as a disability for society as a whole as well as for one’s own self.

In Prop Station, individuals with disabilities are not referred to as the “disabled” but the “challenged”. Prop Station's continuing aims are to promote a more independent livelihood, more active role in society and more opportunities for employment among the challenged by utilizing computers and networking.

In Japan, the challenged have been considered as individuals protected by society and given fewer employment opportunities. However, Japan has become an unprecedented aging society, and the ratio of people who are required high-quality medical care has been steadily increasing.

Therefore, in a society that needs to uphold its human and financial resources as best as possible, it is vital that the social system be changed to allow more people including the challenged, women, and elderly to work and lend their support to society, according to their desire to work and abilities. Particularly, our efforts to remove employment barriers for the challenged can ultimately unlock their full potential.

At Prop、we encourage the challenged to make use of computers to achieve their full potential and have worked toward our own goal to create employment opportunities in a wide range of areas for the challenged, especially for those who work only from home. We also have cooperated with many people and organizations including industrial and academic field, government, mass media, and general public. The biggest chance for the challenged to obtain employment opportunities often comes through these partnerships.

Now is the time to make a difference and create a flexible social system that will offer employment opportunities for anyone including the challenged who have desire to work.
We have unflinchingly worked on this with many individuals.


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