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LET'S BE PROUD - The Challenged are changing Japanese society

Let's Be Proud

A book by Nami-ne, the Chairperson of Prop Station, has been translated in English and published by Japan Times. In this book, you will learn the history of how Prop Station was established and developed.

About this Book

This book summarizes the movement of Prop Station, a Social Welfare Organization in Japan, who assists 'the Challenged' to be independent and obtain access to work through the utilization of Information Technology. It also contains the message to Prop Station from Bill Gates. (from a book review originally in Japanese cited at the Website of Japan Times Book Club)

Product Details
・ Hardcover: 296 pages
・ Price: 2200yen with tax
・ Publisher: Japan Times
・ Language: English
・ ISBN 4-7890-1024-4
・ Published Date: 9/5/2000
・ Product Weight: 290g

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