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The Challenged are Making Their Dreams a Reality with ICT–A Report from the Kyoto Prefecture


Prop Station works on promoting employment of the challenged in collaboration with many local municipalities, one of which is the Kyoto Prefecture.

Mr. Yamada (Governor of Kyoto) first informed us that he would have liked to promote the employment of the challenged in Kyoto three years ago. Since then, it has been over a year since the PC room was opened in the west annex of the Kyoto Prefectural Office to start 'Kyoto Prefecture IT skill up training' where the challenged staff teach as instructors after working on this project in collaboration with officials of the Kyoto Prefecture.

The Main Instructor is Mr. Toshimi Okamoto who operates a PC with his feet. The substitute instructor is Mr. Hiroyuki Kawamoto (Wabisuke), who started his own business from his bed in a healthcare center in the Kyoto Prefecture.

Mr. Ueda is a 19-year-old student in the seminar who has progressive muscular dystrophy. He eagerly attends classes in homepage making in hopes of future employment in that field. Mr. Ueda’s efforts have been featured in the Kyoto Shimbun.

The instructors of this seminar, Mr. Okamoto and Mr. Kawamoto, are former graduates of seminars held by Prop Station. After completion of the 'Kyoto Prefecture IT skill up training' seminars, many graduates move on to become volunteer instructors or obtain jobs through centers for employment assistance. The challenged who have a passion to work are now moving forward to achieve their goals throughout Japan. Thank you for your continued encouragement.


The following is a Japanese article about Mr. Ueda’s Story (Kyoto Shimbun)

The following is the web site of WAKE-DO, a company that Mr. Hiroyuki Kawamoto (Wabisuke) started from his bed in a healthcare center. WAKE-DO mainly operates with homepage making and sells their original T-shirts with illustrations by Ms. Kaoru Hayashi.

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