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Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program (CAP), the American counterpart of Prop Station, has won the President's Quality Award!


Hello. This is Nami. We have received great news from Ms. Dinah Cohen, Director of Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program (CAP) at U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). CAP has won The Presidential Award for Management Excellence-the President's Quality Award. This is the highest award given in the executive branch of the government.

Dinah's Speech
Ms. Dinah F.B. Cohen
making a keynote speech
at the "International Symposium
on Realizing a Universal Society"
hosted by Prop Station on Mar. 2008.

I shouted "congratulations Dinah-san!\(^o^)/" with happiness right after I heard the news. Ms. Dinah Cohen, my best esteemed friend, made a significant speech on the activities of CAP in the DoD at the "International Symposium on Realizing a Universal Society" hosted by Prop Station on March last year, and greatly inspired all participants there.

Through the use of cutting edge technology, for many years now CAP has been providing jobs for even the severest of challenged people in various fields of corporate and government agencies. Prop Station and its counterpart CAP are walking towards the same goal together, which is to bring about the realization of a Universal Society.

I would like to congratulate my beloved friend Dinah-San from the bottom of my heart. Her hard work and dedication will always own my respect. I will continue to pursue our goals together with her so that we can build pride in the challenged through working.


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