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Universal Society Project Team Council of Ruling Party Starts Again!


Hello, this is Nami. The Universal Society Project Team of Ruling Party is starting again at the meeting room of the First Members' Office Building of the Lower House on this coming Thursday. At this council I will speak on the development and future policies of the Universal Society Basic Act.

The project team was inaugurated by a council of women diet members in the ruling party for policy proposal in 2002 (Chairman: Seiko Noda, House of Representatives member, Vice Chairman: Toshiko Hamayotsu, Upper House member). Now six years later, the Universal Society Basic Act is gaining popularity across the ruling and opposition parties.

Since Prop Station's efforts on enacting the draft of this law, such as holding the "2008 International Symposium on Realizing Universal Society," we are extremely pleased with getting to the point that we are at now. We will continue to work on bringing about the realization of a universal society (a society of coexistence and mutual support) where everyone can exert his/her full potential, regardless of his/her age, gender, or disability.

We ask for your continued support and cooperation.

By Nami

Translated on 5/14

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