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A Happy New Year! -Joyful News-


2008 has started. Are you having an enjoyable New Year?

Last year was less than excellent being that the most popular word re-occuring in Japan was "fake", but I will tell you some 'Happy News' today befitting a of new year.

It is the story of Haruka who has downs syndrome but is growing vigorously. Haruka is the beloved daughter of Nami's best friend Mitchan, Mitsuyo Ohira the Lawyer.

Mitchan suffered large hemorrhages and risked her life to have her baby girl Haruka who was born on September 3rd of 2006. She calls her 'my goddess' and raises her hand in hand with her husband. I have recently talked with Mitchan on the phone, and she sounded so cheerful and energetic.

Haruka, recovering from a major heart surgery, learned to 'Stand' when she became a year old and is already walking around like its 'second nature'. Mitchan said it could be difficult sometimes for babies with downs syndrome to express their needs. Now is the time to show Mitchan's child-raising skills!

"The worst thing you can do is neglect the baby because she is meek, this ends up making her even less expressive." said Mitchan. Now she puts off her work as a lawyer so that she can turn her life upside down to establish the foundation of Haruka’s life.

"Now that I am able to take Haruka out, let me know Nami when you have a symposium. I am ready to join you with my baby strapped to my neck!" said Mitchan bravely. Motivated by her powerful voice, Nami-ne has decided to hold a symposium inviting Mitchan with Haruka.

Everybody, don't miss it!


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