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Then I Choose to Be PRESIDENT!



WAKE-DO, the company created by Mr. Hiroyuki Kawamoto who is nicknamed "Wabisuke", marks its 7th anniversary. We extend our sincere congratulations to his success. We also offer our respects to his dedication in starting his own business from his bed in a Residential treatment center and for his enthusiasm in his continuous efforts.

Click here to go to the website of his company, WAKE-DO!

Wabisuke and other participants at the challenged Japan forum 2006
Mr. Kawamoto (in front),
Upper House Member Yukiko Sakamoto,
supporting staff Mr. Kawamoto, Nami,
and Upper House Member Toshiko Hamayotsu
(from the left to right in the back row)

The working style of Wabisuke, who designs contents and graphics for websites as a programmer by operating a PC via a stick he utilizes with his mouth, inspires me all the time.

Wabisuke thought that working for vocational aid centers would be his only option at first, but while there all he saw were workers having tea with no job to do. He doubted the purpous for the existence of these centers believing that workers at companies should be more productive. This aspiration to be more productive paved the way to his becoming president of his own company. His spirit has made a difference in the social welfare system in Japan and continues to influence more and more people.

Wabisuke along with his supporting staff is now also working as an instructor at the "IT seminar for job assistance program designed for people with disabilities in Kyoto" undertaken by Prop Station.

It is not uncommon for a person with disabilities to work with the help of an aid in the U.S. and now that we are aiming at enacting the Universal Society Basic Act, I believe this working style is the clear answer to the question by many, "what is a universal society?"

Keep up the good work at the Kyoto seminar Wabisuke! We will count on your continuous success. Before the enactment of the Universal Society Basic Act, I think it would be great invite you to a get together and introduce you as a special guest speaker. Take care of yourself and let's rejuvenate the Kansai area and Japan together!

By Nami

Then I choose to be President! (link to the registration page for an email magazine by Wabisuke)

WAKE&DO official website, a company of Wabisuke

WAKE-DO original t-shirts designed by Ms. Kaoru Hayashi are available here!

A speech by Wabisuke at the Challenged Japan Forum 2006, "Starting Business on his Bed of Residential Treatment Center"(video clip with closed caption in Japanese)

Translated on 06/12/2008

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