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CANVASs Co., Ltd Created Website Broadcast TV Commercials with Closed Caption
– Video Clips of the "Challenged Japan Forum 2006" are now also available with Closed Caption



Hello. This is Nami. As we have mentioned previously, Prop Station promotes close-captioned broadcasting in a wide variety of fields including industrial, official, political, academic, and private. We would like to spread closed-caption use as an essential tool in realizing a Universal Society not only for disadvantaged people but for everyone. I have been addressing the significance in the use of closed-captions every chance I got as a member of the Telecommunications Council at Somu-sho (Ministry of internal Affairs and Communications).

Although today many may become familiar with close-captioned broadcasting due to the popularization of terrestrial digital media broadcasting promoted by Somu-sho, I still believe that not everyone enjoys its convenience. TV commercials for example, do not have closed-captions in Japan. In other words it would appear that large business opportunities may be overlooked there. Closed-caption could make it possible to unearth new clientel. This is an important business strategy and its cost should be viewed as a prior investment rather than an extra expense.

CANVASs Co. Ltd has newly introduced closed-captions in website broadcast TV commercials.

Website for Close-captioned TV Commercials by CANVASs Co. Ltd.

CANVASs is a team of professionals that also implements subtitling. Along with many proven records in the field of screen image and closed caption CANVASs is working together with Prop Station on a mission to promote close-captioned broadcasting. Today we would like to introduce their technology that was used on our own video clips.

As part of the project we put out video clips from the "Challenged Japan Forum (CJF) 2006" with closed-captions. We hope this will help people realize that closed-captions are beneficial in many ways and useful as a business tool as well.

By Nami

Video Clips from the "Challenged Japan Forum (CJF) 2006" in Tokyo with Closed Captions provided by CANVASs Co. Ltd.

1. Opening Movie Followed by Greetings from Organizer Nami Takenaka

2. Videotaped Message from Prime Minister (of the time) Junichiro Koizumi

3. Declaration of a Universal Society with Guests and Speeches on Universal Society by Cabinet Officials

4. Videotaped Message by Lawyer Mitsuyo Ohira

5. Live Interview over the Internet with Ms. Rie Kubo, Picture Book Author

6. Starting a Business in Bed (Hiroyuki Kawamoto, Chairperson of WAKE-DO, Japan)

7. "Encounter and Mutual Support" (Dialogue over the Internet between Rie Kubo, Picture Book Author, and Susumu Kawabata, President of Ion Cosmetics Co., LTD, Japan

8. People's Movement for the Promotion of Accessibility of Web Sites for the AC+C '04 AWARD (Akihiro Umabuchi, President of Anchor Technology, Inc.)

Translated on 06/06/2008

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