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The Kobe Sweets Consortium (KSC) in Tokyo


The Kobe Sweets Consortium (KSC) in Tokyo
We will invite Mr. Noriyuki Nagai, a well-known French pastry as an instructor!

April 1, 2009

It’s Nami-ne. The Kobe Sweets Consortium (KSC) completed the Challenged Program Vol. 1 without troubles last year. As for the Kobe Sweets Consortium in Tokyo, the Challenged Program Vol. 2 will be starting in June with support from Nisshin Seihun Group Inc. and other sponsoring companies in the confectionery industry.

The Challenged Program of the KSC is the first attempt in Japan under the mission,“Producing a number of Challenged to be an active part in the pastry industries”. The mental and psychiatric challenged who have worked for confectionery making acquire professional recipes and techniques by direct trainings from the fist- class- pastry chefs.

The KSC is not a project with the concept of, "Feeling the need to buy products out of sympathy because they are made by people who have disabilities". This is a project that provides the best confectionery ingredients and training through sponsoring companies and techniques taught from first-class-pastry chefs in order to produce truly delicious pastry. It's a project for making their dreams come true.

For the KSC in Tokyo, we will welcome our instructor from last year, Master Junji Yagi (Technical Director, Morozoff Ltd/Authorized Confectionery Master by Austrian Government). Additionally, Master Noriyuki Nagai, the first-class-pastry chef who is running a well-known French pastry shop, “Noliette” in Tokyo will serve as an instructor voluntarily to the project. I hope you will be able to learn the essence of both Austrian and French confectionery in the KSC this year.

Master Nagai & Nami-ne

I visited “Noliette” on March 30 and had a business meeting with Master Nagai. Coincidentally, he has a daughter with Down Syndrome. As her father, he has seriously thought of how individuals with disabilities could be productive and live independently in society for a long time. Master Yagi accepted the offer as an instructor of the program enthusiastically because he also had a son who had autism. It was surprising and amazing that Master Nagai was a family member of the challenged as well. With my daughter Maki being my inspiration, I put sincere effort in promoting the employment opportunities for the challenged at Prop Station. I believe in the immeasurable power that the challenged possess and it is through people who recognize this power and potential as well that this project was able to be created and brought to society.

Master Yagi, Master Nagai, Nisshin Seihun Group Inc, and Prop Station will work on the Kobe Sweets Consortium in Tokyo together. Please be patient as the course program and application information will be announced!

A set of DVDs and booklets that contain recipes from the program for last year will be released soon. This DVD shows Master Yagi's confectionery techniques, such as use of hand skills and the variations of dough on the process to completion. Moreover, the booklet includes kanji with furigana readings and has photos for showing the processes of pastry making in detail allowing the reader to get the points of confectionery making easily. We might be able to offer the DVD for half of the conventional price (5,000yen) to those who are involved in pastry making at sheltered workshops and other social welfare organizations.

by Nami-ne  


About The Kobe Sweets Consortium

The Kobe Sweets Consortium was inaugurated in June, 2008 with the mission of, “Producing a number of Challenged to play an active part in the pastry industries” under the auspices of Nisshin Seihun Group Inc, the largest milling industry in Japan and Nitto Shokai Co., Ltd, a confectionery wholesaler with over 60 years of history, and Prop Station.  As the instructor for the training program, we have invited Mr. Junji Yagi, the technical director at Morozoff, Ltd.  He is also one of the few Japanese confectionery masters authorized by the Austrian government.  We have offered the program on a monthly basis for the mental or psychiatric challenged who enjoy pastry making and to learn professional recipes and techniques used by first-class-pastry chefs. The program is also for the challenged who have the desire to work with pastry, be involved in production and distribution of confectioneries, and those who want to develop confectionery skills to improve productivity and compensation at pastry industries. 

The Kobe Sweets Consortium, English Page is Available Here

Prop Station has been making an effort to promote the employment for the challenged under the slogan, “Making Japan a society here the challenged can become taxpayers” for 18 years.  We have put all our efforts for this project in order to facilitate social welfare organizations to start their new business with excellent products in the confectionery industry and give courage and livelihood to the challenged, their families, and supporters.  The Kobe Sweets Consortium has obtained cooperation from many companies under the auspices of Hyogo, Kobe City, and the Kobe Chamber of Commerce. 

Please see further information in regards to the Kobe Sweets Consortium listed below.


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