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Kobe Sweets Consortium -Produce a Number of the Challenged playing an active part in Pastry Industries in Kobe



"Kobe Sweets Consortium" is inaugurated under the mission, "produce a number of the Challenged playing and active part in pastry industries!" from Kobe city known as a sacred ground of "sweets" in Japan by Nitto Shokai Co., Ltd., a confectionery wholesaler with 60 year history, Nissin Seifun Co., Ltd., a major company in the milling industry in Japan, and Prop Station with the cooperation of parties concerned and first-class pastry chefs.

As Prop Station has been making an effort to promote the employment for the Challenged, we take the initiative in this project to promote social welfare organizations join in sweets industries, and to assist the Challenged become pâtissier, pastry chefs, sponsored by Kobe City.

Kobe Sweets Consortium sets about standard projects from April, 2008, which include regular pastry classes where the first-class-pâtissier provide the Challenged with the professional recipes and techniques as well as training seminars to facilitate organizations start their new business.

In advance of its onset, a workshop titled “the Traditional French Confectionery” is held on Nov. 8th under the sponsorship of NITTO SHOKAI Co., Ltd., at which our projects will be announced.

Following are Principal goals and plans of Kobe Sweets Consortium;

1. Offer educational and employment opportunities to the motivated Challenged by;

  • Offering educational and employment opportunities to the motivated Challenged. Have the honor to invite the Challenged to the event on Nov. 8th
  • Organizing training sessions to the prospective Challenged
  • Releasing recipis of the first-class-pâtissier for the Challenged
  • Assisting the challenged with skills be employed or go into practice
  • Organizing related events to achieve our goals

2. Make a contribution to enhance the universality of Kobe City through this Consortium

The Traditional French Confectionery (Kick Off Event for Kobe Sweets Consortium)

Date: November 8th, 20087. Thursday
Starts: 11:00AM
Ends: 3:30PM
Contents: A Lecture about French Confectionery by Yves Thuries and other p tissier
Place: Dover Ltd., Kobe Sanda Factory

Host: NITTO SHOKAI Co., Ltd.

Special Supporters: TFP Co., Ltd. (General Agency of Yves Thuriès Brand), Prop Station, Bakers Production Co., Ltd., OKUMOTO FLOUR MILLING CO.,LTD., EXCELANS Co.,Ltd., EXCELANS Co.,Ltd.

Corporate Backer: Hyogo Confectionery Associations, Kobe City, DAITO SEITO CO.,LTD.

About Presenter: Yves Thuries

In 1976, he was named Meilleur de France (Best Craftsman of France) in two catrgories, and which had never been seen before. In 1995, Mr. Thuries was appointed President of the “Meilleurs Ouvriers de France” for the Southwest Region in 1995. For more information about Mr. Yves Thuries, please visit his official web site, YVES THURIES CORDES (available in French and English).

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