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The challenged are
changing Japanese society

Nami Takenaka with PropStation
Let's be Proud!, an English version of Prop Station no chosen has been published by The Japan Times, Ltd. Through Prop Station's establishment, history, and development, you will learn Takenaka's idea about the challenged and use of IT.

Nami Takenaka runs a nonprofit organization, called Prop Station. Using computers and the Internet, they offer training in employable skills and promote job opportunities to people with disabilites to enable them to live independent lives and to take on a greater role in society. "Let's Be Proud!" traces the organization's growth from their original concept to their current activities.
Japan Times Book Club
188 x 128 / Softcover / 296 pages
Weight: 290g
Domestic Price: 2200 yen
Published: September 2000

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