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The 9th Challenged Japan Forum 2003
International Symposium in Chiba

"Soaring a Universal wind from Chiba!"

The 9th CJF

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We held "The 9th Challenged Japan Forum 2003 - International Symposium in Chiba" on August 21st(Thu) & 22nd(Fri) in 2003 at Makuhari Messe International Conference Hall in Chiba under the auspices of the American and Swedish embassy.

We call people with disability who pursue their own possibility "The Challenged". Since 1995, "Challenged Japan Forum (CJF)" with a keyword "Japan where Challenged can be a taxpayer", has been trying to establish a new society where all Challenged, who has a desire to work, can land to a job. This message from CJF has influenced a great many reform minded peple in various sectors, and started a big movement.
And at this CJF, through many real examples and discussions, we verified that this reform movement is getting even stronger. We believe that this is THE movement that not only Challenged but also everyone want to establish a "Universal Society" where everybody can utilize his/her own ability in full and support each other.

The subtitle "Soaring a Universal wind from Chiba!" has two meanings. 1st is that Chiba prefecture's will toward the establishment of "Universal Society model" to involve all sectors (private industry, bureaucrat, government, educator, private, citizens). 2nd is a request to all of you participant to take home this desire and knowledge regarding the establishment of "Universal Society", and spread it in your area and at work place.

Here with this will and desire, we propose the declaration of "CJF 2003 - International Symposium in Chiba" as follows;

1) We welcome the fact that, with your support of CJF's principle, this movement to establish the "Universal Society" is now at the government level. And we will make every effory to spread this movement .
2) We welcome all the fact that message broadcasted by CJF became widely accepted by central and local government alike to create a new policy for the Challenged. And we will put further effort to improve our role to create better system for our society.
3) We welcome all the effort by private industry and NPO for the creation of various job duties for the Challenged and appreciate each individual who is involved in this cause. And we will support and help them for the better communication as best we can.
4) We, understanding that it is the responsibility for all of us regardless of physical condition, age, gender and political difference, financial or environment situation, will put our best effort to create the "Universal Society" where all of us can bring our ability and support into full play.

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