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Chairperson, Prop Station, a Nonprofit Social Welfare Organization Supporting People with Disabilities

“Make the challenged become taxpayers !!”

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My Career Highlights:

Self-taught, I have learnt about medical care, welfare and education for children with disabilities through caring for my daughter, who was born thirty some years ago with serious mental and physical disabilities. My main aspiration is to help create a society where those who have disabilities can live more independently and play a better role in society. My main activities have been including: sign language translation; guidance for the visually impaired; assistance at institutions for the severely physically disabled; management of a toy library; day-care for those suffering from Alzheimer's disease; holding the post of director at The Mainstream Association, an organization geared towards the realization of a greater degree of independence for the disabled.

In May 1991, a preparatory committee was convened for Prop Station in Hyogo Prefecture. In April 1992, Prop Station set up its office at The Osaka Volunteer Action Center where I worked as Chief Representative. In September 1998, after seven years of activities as an NPO, Prop Station was granted recognition as a Social Welfare Organization, and I was elected as the Director. My daughter continues to be cared for by the staff at the ward for the seriously ill at Aonogahara Hospital, a nationally run hospital in Ono, Hyogo Prefecture. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the staff in whose capable hands I have entrusted her, as well as all those who provided their support and further encouraged and promoted activities of Prop Station.

Professional Affiliations:

May, 2005: Cabinet Office: Member, Central Council for the Promotion of Measures for Disabled Persons

January, 2005: Ministry of Finance: Committee Member, the Fiscal System Council

March, 2004: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport: Supervisor, Free Mobility Supporting Project.

March, 2002: Lecturer, Project Team for Realizing Universal Society by the Women Lawmakers of Ruling Parties.

Since 1995 Sponsoring the Challenged Japan Forums (CJF)

Opinion columns in publications

1996: “The Internet and Aging Society” Summer Edition of “Aging”

1996: “How Do the Disabled Work?” December issue of “Women's Opinion Forum”

1997: “The Internet and the Challenged” on “Flanker,” Prop Station's Bulletin.

1998: Completed a video work titled “The Challenged” Edited by Shohei Imamura, Directed by Kosuke Oshida, Recommended by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

November, 1999: TBS News 23, Televised debate with Tetsuya Chikushi, Journalist on “Disability Issues.”


1999: “The Social Sciences Award” by Telecom for her book “The Challenges of Prop Station”

October, 1999: “Women's Education Award” by Avon.

September, 2001: “Civil Welfare Award” by the City of Kobe.

December, 2001: “Internet Award” and “Woman of the Year” by Nikkei Shimbun.

September, 2002: “Month of Information” Award by Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications.

May, 2004: “Social Activity Award” by Kobe Shimbun

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