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May 1991

The preparatory committee for the establishment of Prop Station, with the aim of encouraging self-reliance among the challenged, convened.

November 1991

Prop-Net, an Internet-based network to facilitate communication through personal computers, was launched.

April 1992

A nation-wide questionnaire was conducted, targeting those with serious disabilities, on their ideas on work.
We moved our office to the Osaka Voluntary Action Center and started to work as a private organization named 'Prop Station'. Nami Takenaka took up her post as its representative.

Summer 1992

Computer seminars were initiated on the theme of 'Work for the Challenged'; according to the questionnaire begun in April, 80 percent of respondents clarified that they did want to work and regarded computers as a useful tool for working.

March 1994

The members of the seminar did their first job for a client. (They developed a managerial system for overseeing pupils at Osaka Prefectural Technical High School.)

January 17, 1995

In the wake of The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, we saw the significance and potential benefits of a computer network and resolved to exploit the Internet as part of our activities.

Summer 1995

We became the first Japanese welfare organization to obtain an Internet domain.

December 1995

Work was conducted on a trial basis in cooperation with the Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

Summer 1996

The first "Challenged Japan Forum" took place in Tokyo.

November 1996

The second "Challenged Japan Forum" took place in Osaka.

January 1997

The Prop Station Kobe Project began, coordinated from our offices in Osaka and Kobe.

July 1997

The third "Challenged Japan Forum" took place in Tokyo.

August 1998

The "Challenged Japan Forum International Meeting" took place in Kobe.

September 3, 1998

Prop Station was granted recognition by the Ministry of Welfare as a Social Welfare Corporation of the Second Class.

April 17and 18, 1999

A symposium was held commemorating Prop Station's attainment of status as a Social Welfare Corporation.
Prop Station's Supporters' Association was set up.

January, 2000

Entrusted networking of computer systems for it trainings among some 40schools for disabled in Osaka Prefecture.

May, 2000

Released the first CD-ROM titled "E-letter of my own."

August, 2000

The 6th Challenged Japan Forum 2000 USA-Japan Symposium held at Keio Plaza Hotel, Tokyo.(August 30-31,2000)

February, 2001

A Tripartite discussion by Nami Takenaka, chair with Mr. Chikara Sakaguchi, Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, and Mr. Masayasu Kitagawa, Governor of Mie Prefecture on "To build a society where everyone including the challenged may live equally with pride and without discrimination."

In addition, a highlight project for us this year will be that we shall take care of conducting IT based trainings for the challenged people in Kobe, Nishinomiya and Osaka areas while some 5.5million people will receive this internet trainings all over the country.

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