With the decline in birthrate and a rapidly growing elderly society in Japan, it is imperative that we work toward realizing a Universal Society (a society of coexistence and mutual support) where all people can exert full potentials, regardless of age, gender, and disabilities.

The Kobe Sweets Consortium (KSC) started as a new project to support employment opportunities for the Challenged through pastry making in Kobe, known as the sacred ground for the creation of sweets in Japan. We have offered the Challenged Program in order to educe the working potential of the Challenged who have the desire to become pastry chefs. The KSC assists them in becoming professional pastry chefs through interactions with first-class-pastry chefs and other professionals in related field, such as manufacturing, distributing, and retailing.

The Challenged Program of the KSC does not stem from the idea of, “Feeling the need to buy products out of sympathy because they are made by people with disabilities.” The related parties understand that the Challenged have the desire and ability to provide these products because they are topnoch and truly delicious.This program is an opportunity for the Challenged to acquire professional pastry skills made with the best confectionery ingredients provided by our sponsoring companies.

We will put forth all our efforts for the Challenged Program Vol. 3 this year with the support of an assortment of companies under the auspices of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Hyogo Prefecture, City of Kobe, Japan Self Center, and Council for Kanto Social Employment Center in order to facilitate social welfare organizations to start their new business with excellent products in the confectionery industry and give courage and livelihood to the Challenged, their families, and supporters.

Prop Station, Social Welfare Organization

Nisshin Seifun Group Inc.