Junji Yagi (Authorized Master by Austrian Government )
Technical Director, Morozoff Limited.

Master Yagi

Born in 1951, Junji Yagi is one of the few Japanese who are authorized as a Confectionery Master by the Austrian government. He ascended to vice confectionery director at the Hilton Vienna Hotel after his training in Linz and Vienna. He obtained Austrian national accredited Master in 1980. He returned to Japan after his experience as vice confectionery director at restaurants and hotels in Germany and is now instructing at confectionery schools all over Japan. He is the author of “Master's Viennese Confectionery'”

Master Yagi's Homepage, Fledermaus

Master Yagi's Profile on the Homepage of Morozoff Limited

Takaaki Nishikawa
The Chef at Kobe Boulamgerie Comme Chinois

Master Nishikawa

Born in 1963, Takaaki Nishikawa moved to the pastry division in Andersen Aoyama from the bakery division in Anderson Hiroshima. After his experience in French bakery shops, such as Au Bon Vieux Temps, Douce France Ginza , Bigot Ashiya, and Bakery and Bread Land, he moved to France to study. He has run  Boulamgerie Comme Chinois since 1996, and Boulamgerie Comme Chinois and Honest Café since 1999. His literary works are “The World of New Bread”, “The Textbook for Bread”, and “The Textbook for Variety Bread”. 

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Noriyuki Nagai
The Chef at a French Pastry Shop, Noliette

Master Nagai

Born in 1961, Noriyuki Nagai graduated from Tsuji culinary school at French campus. He received training as an opening staff member at Au Bon Vieux Temps. Two years later, he moved to France and worked at Daniel Giraud in Valence, Dieux Velvalee in Grenoble, Michel Rostang in Paris, Michel Chabran in Pont de L'isere, Hotel InterContinental in Geneva, Switzerland, and Oberweis in Luxembourg. After he experienced working in Europe for 6 years, he returned to Japan. He has been running Noliette since 1993. He published his own books, “The Chef’s Local Confectionery in France”, “Pastry Chefs as French Confectionery Professionals”, and “Noriyuki Nagai, Sweets at Noliette”.

The French Pastry Shop, Noliette's Home Page

Takahiko Nozawa
The Chef at a Viennese Sweets Shop, Konditorei Neues

Master Nozawa

Born in 1972, Takahiko Nozawa learned the basic skills of confectionery making at Café Wien in Nipponbashi Mitsukoshi Department. After his experience working at Gloriette of Shinjuku Nakamuraya and another pastry shop in Yoyogi Uehara, he started his confectionery skill training at Oberlaa in Vienna, Austria. After working at L. Heiner in Vienna, the Austrian Loyal Warrant, he served as a manager for confectionery production and gained techniques for bread making at Wandinger in Leutkirch of Southern Germany. After he returned to Japan, he opened up La Terre in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo and a Viennese sweets shop, Konditorei Neues in Aoba-ku, Yokohama in 1999. Moreover, he has run a German bakery shop, Café Neues since 2004 keeping a taste of authenticity by applying the specific skills he acquired in Southern Germany.

The Viennese Sweets Shop, Konditorei Neues's Homepage

Fuyuko Kondo
The Chef at La Chouette

Master Kondo

Born in New York in 1957, Fuyuko Kondo moved to Europe after earning an undergraduate degree at Pasadena City College in California. In 1980, she acquired professional confectionary production techniques and arts of bread making at the CERIA Culinary Academy in Brussels, Belgium. She got her training at the Wittamer, an old-line pastry shop in Brussels and Lenotre in Paris. After returning to Japan, Kondo worked at Lenotre in Ikebukuro, Tokyo in 1984 and established herself as a pastry chef at PACHON, a French restaurant in Daikanyama. In 1995, she had La Chouette, a pastry shop only for order. Kondo and Toru Takasaki collaboratively headed up L'atelier du gout, a pastry class for seasonal sweets in 2001. In 2002, she set up a limited company, La Chouette. She also started her own confectionary classes named L'atelier du gout in 2009. She has published her books, “The Tasty Deserts” and “The Sweets Stories in Belgium”.

La Chouette’s Homepage

Tadashi Shiraiwa
The Chef at Chocolatier La Pierre Blanche

Master Shiraiwa

Born in 1965 in Kobe, Tadashi Shiraiwa had professional experiences at Alain
Kaczkiewicz in Kobe in 1983, Paul Bocuse in Nishinomiya in 1986, Alain Chapel in Kobe Portopia Hotel in 1987, Chocolatier Tour de France in Ashiya in 1990, and Restaurant L’osier (Shiseido Parlour) in 1993. In 1996, he assumed the post of confectionary chief at Patrie Kobe in Hotel Piena Kobe. Shiraiwa owned his confectionary shop, Chocolatier La Pierre Blanche in Motomachi, Kobe in 2005.

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Master Junji Yagi