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Dec 8, 2008

Learn Skills to make competitive products
People with disabilities have completed training classes (Kobe)

KSC Graduate
A Student showing his confectionery making skills learned by Professional chef (4, Ikuta-Cho, Chuo-Ku, Kobe City)

The completion ceremony of the confectionery course for people with disabilities has been held at "FREUNDLIEB", a café in Chuo-Ku of Kobe City on December 7th. In this course students learned confectionery making skills from first class pastry chefs. This program was originated by "Prop Station", a social welfare organization in Higashinada-Ku of Kobe City (Chairperson Nami Takenaka), which assists people with disabilities enter the workforce. This particular class, made possible through cooperation with companies in the confectionery industry, produced eight members who were awarded certificates for their abilities and durnig the ceremony got the chance to display their skills learned from the training course.

This training course is a part of the "Kobe Sweets Consortium", which is intended to nurture human resources who are successful in the confectionery industry. Instructors included Mr. Jyunji Yagi (57), pastry chef at the confectionery shop Morozoff, and a "confectionery meister" authorized by Austrian government.

Students working on confectionery making in their workshops in Kobe or Osaka learned the recipes for chocolate mousse, cake, and so on by attending the class that was held four times from last June.

At the completion ceremony Mr. Kenji Fukakusa remarked, "This class will be my invaluable asset. I would like to make a greater effort on confectionery making". Supporters tasted their products and Chairperson Takenaka said, "I hope they produce products that are not for charity events, but to satisfy customers. I would like this movement to spread throughout the country." (Nanako Ishizawa)

12/8/2008 Kobe Shimbun