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The 11th Challenged Japan Forum (CJF) 2006
International Symposium in Tokyo

Date: July 22nd, 206
Place: Tokyo Big Sight (3-21-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan)
Theme: Realization of a Universal Society Sustained through Mutual Assistance


-Opening -

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            Nami's Greeting Opening Movie Followed by Greetings from Organizer, Nami-ne (Chairperson of Prop Station, Social Welfare Organization) japanese

2. Junichiro Koizumi Video Message from Prime Minister

            Junichiro Koizumi Junichiro Koizumi, Prime Minister (of that time) japanese

3. Guests Declaration of Universal Society by Guests


4. Cabinet Officials Speeches on Universal Society by Cabinet Officials japanese

            Jiro Kawasaki Jiro Kawasaki, Health Minister (of that time)

            Sadakazu Tanigaki Sadakazu Tanigaki, Finance Minister (of that time)

            Kuniko Inoguchi Kuniko Inoguchi, State Minister for Gender Equality and Social Affairs

            Taro Aso Taro Aso, Foreign Minister of That Time (Video Message) japanese

5. Mitsuyo Ohira Video Message by Lawyer Mitsuyo Ohira japanese

6. Rie Kubo Live Interview over the Internet to Ms. Rie Kubo Picture Book Author japanese


-Lunch Break-

Messages by the Challenged Guests from All over the World


7. John Kemp Memorial Lecture "Universal Society by the Challenged" (John Kemp, Lawyer, United States) japanese

8. Lena Maria "Toward a Goal" (Lena Maria Klingvall, Gospel Singer, Sweden) japanese

9. Suporntum Mongkolsawadi "Path to Universal Society" (Suporntum Mongkolsawadi, Head Master of the Redemptorist Vocational School for the Disabled, Thailand) japanese

10. Hiroyuki Kawamoto "Starting a Business on the Bed" (Hiroyuki Kawamoto, Chairperson of WAKE-DO, Japan) japanese

11. Kubo and Kawabata "Encounter and Mutual Support" (Dialogue over Internet between Rie Kubo, Picture Book Author, and Susumu Kawabata, President of Ion Cosmetics Co., LTD, Japan) japanese

             Susumu Kawabata Susumu Kawabata, President of Ion Cosmetics Co., LTD, Japan

12. Kobe Memorial Kobe Afterward -11years after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake- "Toward the Best Universal City in the World" (Kobe City) japanese

            Taturo Yata Tatsuo Yada, Kobe Mayor

            Kozo Iwata Kozo Iwata, President of ROCK FIELD CO., LTD.

            Kazuhiko Yazaki Kazuhiko Yazaki, President of FELISSIMO CORPORATION

13. Akihiro Umabuchi The People' s Movement for the Promotion of Web Accessibility –the Recruitment and Commendation of Web Sites for the AC+C '04 AWARD (Akihiro Umabuchi, President of Anchor Technology, Inc.) japanese

14. Rulling Party The Goal of the Ruling Party Universal Project japanese

             Toshiko Hamayotsu Toshiko Hamayotsu, Upper House Member, Vice Chairman of Ruling Party Universal Project

             Kazuo Kitagawa Kazuo Kitagawa, Minister of Land (of that time) "Make Japan' s Land Universal" (Live Broadcast)

             Yukiko Sakamoto Yukiko Sakamoto, Upper House Member, Council Member of Ruling Party Universal Project